Understanding ROBLOX as a New User

ROBLOX is a large gaming platform introduced in 2006 as a multiplayer game. It is specially designed for children and teens aged between 8 and 18. But it has a number of players who continue beyond this age, inspired by its creativeness and customized way of play. ROBLOX is available on Xbox One, Android, Max, iOS and on Windows Store. Created in 2004 by David Baszucki along with Erik Cassel, this game is a mixture of robots and blocks that has attracted many children and young teens into its fold by providing various types of adventures and creativeness. Within a decade, the number of users has multiplied, running into millions of active users.

You can play this game regularly as a user by creating an account. You will have a password and username by which you can get into the game immediately. You will be able to create your own place too.  You will have your own character, which you can customize to participate and interact through messages, forums and by giving friend request on ROBLOX. You can also be a free user but you will have a single active place and have access to free items that are available in the catalog. That is why you, you have the option of buying ROBUX or Builders Club.

There are many features such as Places, Catalog, Blog, Library, Forum, My Feed, Friend Activity and Groups. As the ROBLOX game is accessed from any device, you can share your imaginative world with your friends from any part of the world. The white list and the black list for users were introduced, to provide acceptable words that can be used with your friends as well as unacceptable words which should be avoided . In 2013, humanoids were inserted; in 2013, the Developer’s Exchange was also released to facilitate exchange of USD and Robux. In 2015, the Smooth Terrain was introduced to increase graphical fidelity. In 2016, the secondary currency which was called Tickets were removed. In 2016, the Roblox VR was introduced, as well as making the game compatible to Windows 2010.

The Roblox (Gaming Platform) helps to craft items, to explore, for combat and for resource gathering. The characters that players use in the game can be customized by providing head and body shapes as well as appropriate clothing to suit the character role, gears to use in the game that can suit the environment of the game. Clothes can also be created, while selling the created clothes is a facility that is available only for selected people such as Builders Club members. It involves social interaction too. Games can be created and developed only through Roblox Studio which is a free program that comes under Develop in Roblox. The entire game runs on Roblox currencies which are used in the game to purchase and sell things to use for the characters and to construct the game more easily. The roblox free robux helps to provide free currencies for players to play easily using the Roblox guide tools.…